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Here are the most popular girl games online free at Manti Games you should not miss.

1.   Princesses Roller Girls

Help three skater girls choose several suitable outfits.

Princesses Roller Girls is a girl game where you’ll get the opportunity to customize the outfits of three skater girls. All that will be left to do then is to find them some skater boys to say “see you later”. As you might expect this game doesn’t actually have roller skating in it. Instead, you will focus on the fashion associated with the sport. This means you need to think practically. What is the most effective outfit to wear at the skatepark? You will help the girl to choose something not too flowy that risks being caught up in your wheels and flashy enough to catch the eye of everyone around.

2.   Dreamy Nails Makeover

There are no rules, just freedom to create in this game.

Dreamy Nails Makeover is a nail game with so many layers of customization that you’ll be peeling this onion for years to come. Just when you think you’ve exhausted every possible graphical style and painted your last nail, This free online game throws something new in your way. You will never run out of possibilities when it comes to Dreamy Nails Makeover. Will you paint these nails red or green? Why not both? There are no rules, just freedom to create. While in real life, customers would get furious if you didn’t paint their nails to their exact specifications, in this game they keep their mouth’s shut.

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3.   Match Match Wedding

To be fair, not a lot of media covers the social phenomenon of arranged marriages. The reason behind this is sound, but also a bit tyrannical. Sometimes arranged weddings are not such a bad idea. Underaged arranged weddings are of course, despicable and that should be rooted out of existence, but if two adults are equally weak enough to be dominated into a relationship by their parents then they deserve each other. This is exactly the thinking behind Match Match Wedding, a girl game is that you can see if the arranged wedding you are about to be forced into is a good match or not.

4.   Mermaid Princess In Love

Join this game to experience this wondrous age.

Some stories should just be left alone. They already work and do not actually need retelling for a modern audience. You may be tempted by revisionist historical theories, but that is just because you are an emotionally weak mortal who is unable to come to grips with a past in which people had values that differed from yours. Luckily Mermaid Princess In Love is not one of those stories. No, this free online girl game is a game that perfectly holds to the values of the age in which the original Mermaid story was written. Play Mermaid Princess In Love now and experience this wondrous age, set in modern society, for yourself!

» You can find more here: https://www.pinterest.com/mantigames/girl-games/


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